You are no doubt aware that the club operates a coffee/tea/hot chocolate facility in the clubhouse during the Saturday morning sessions and this is under the supervision of Karen Pullen. Karen has transformed the facility to such an extent that everyone looks forward to availing of it. She has been very fortunate to have had support from a number of volunteers who have helped her out from time to time but she now wants to put a proper structure in place which would not see the same people press-ganged into helping week in, week out, and would allow Karen to see how her own family are doing on the rugby pitch!.

Karen is now looking for volunteers to help out inside the clubhouse for one hour on Saturday mornings. The more people who volunteer the fewer times she will call on individuals. The idea is that she will be able to draw up a roster of volunteers; anyone down for a particular day and who subsequently discovers an inability to attend, can swop with another volunteer.

If anyone is willing and able to help will you call in to the clubhouse on Saturday and say “Hi” to Karen.